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What is 🐣 Togepage?

On 🐣 Togepage, you can publish your work, share links & articles, and maintain pages with ease. Kind of like LinkTree. Check it out:

^ tog.page/wemaketheworld


Imagine getting the news from the most important links and posts people are sharing β€”Β on an Internet owned by people, not billionaires.

Imagine being able to search to find the things we need β€” as search engines become unusuable due to artificial content.

Imagine an Internet running on energy and servers that we operate β€” not data centers powered by fossil fuels and the water from our rivers.

If we want these things, we have to make them ourselves. That's what 🐣 Togepage is all about.

Beyond sharing links, you can publish β€”

And manage it all on a page with different collections of content ... so it starts feeling more like a real website, as easy to run as a LinkTree.

Want to get started? Browse pages at the links above for inspiration, or make your own!

Get in touch? Write to together@togepage.com

* The pages above are demos, not necessarily run or endorsed by the creators.

June 8, 2024, 2:15:22 PM