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Films and series are Art Forms.

We are committed to filmmakers who reflect that in their work.

With the increasing proliferation of generative AI video, we differentiate ourselves by making very human, very raw, very real films/series, that respect the process of filmmaking.

We are interested in The New. 

We stand on shoulders of the great filmmakers of the past and we move the ball down the field in this time. 

Our time. 

Leaving this art form better than we found it. 

The CREDO 23 stamp on a project assures the audience of certain standards.

We guarantee to our audience that we are giving them the best possible films/series. Films/series that were sweated over, that were bled for. 

In the tradition of Lars von Trier’s Dogme95, we make a way for filmmakers to differentiate their work, and for audiences to trust what they are watching.

Filmmakers desiring the CREDO 23 stamp on a project must have adhered to the following:

  1. No AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been used on this film, in any way. Including, but not limited to “Generative AI” (under this or any other name for the current or expanded process). The script, the directing, the acting, etc are 100% human.
  2. Minimal CGI and VFX have been used on this film. It has been applied only to fix minor flaws or to create minor effects.
  3. This is a union film. The production company is a signatory to DGA, WGA, SAG, IATSE, and Teamsters for the purposes of employing the cast/crew and filming this project.  (This portion is waived for experimental and documentary feature films.)
  • All films/series that have adhered to these rules, and are verified by CREDO23, may be permitted to use the CREDO 23 stamp on their work.
  • Each film/series must pledge individually.
  • Filmmakers are free to make CREDO23-approved films, and also any other type of film. Always adhering to the CREDO23 rules is not a career requirement in order to have a single project approved.

The CREDO23 Council oversees verification.

Only finished projects will be considered. 

Contact: Credo23pledge@gmail.com



April 18, 2024, 11:24:34 PM